Singou Sneakers - Umòja

€99,90 EUR

The "Godé", decorated with its blue, white and black stripes, is a traditional material of the Mossi ethnic group of Burkina. Traditionally worn by the queens of the Mossi kingdom, the Godé allowed the distinction between nobles and other members of society.

The Godé used for this model is woven by women from the Adaja weaving center. This center was created in the 1970s by Elisabeth Delma to facilitate the professional integration of the most vulnerable women and victim of a violent patriarchy.

The precious Ugandan Lubbugo, a tree bark registered with UNESCO heritage, was also used in the making of this model.

Adopt Singou sneakers for a mismatched urban look.

Product description

  • Robust organic cotton fabric
  • Color: natural dye blue and black
  • Organic cotton lining
  • Black tree bark on the lapels
  • Metal eyelets
  • Rubber outsole

Cleaning instructions

  • Do not wash in a washing machine
  • Use gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and lukewarm water for the fabric.

This model is normal size. We recommend to take a size below your usual size. If you are between two sizes, choose the smallest.

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