Pure Jojoba Oil 100 mL - Jobi Jojoba - Mira

€10,90 EUR

"Jobi Jojoba" oil is a real yellow gold. Pure Jojoba oil, virgin and cold pressed in Madagascar in Indian Ocean. It is neither refined nor filtered and thus keeps all its natural active ingredients.

Every application of Mira "Jobi Jojoba" oil nourishes your skin and your hair and protects it from dehydration thanks to it fatty acids acting as a barrier.

It is suitable for all skin types and hair types. It also do greats to oily or acne-prone skin!

In the morning, apply it as a day cream, a small amount is enough. It is also an excellent makeup base!

On the body, alone or mixed with a few drops of essential oil, in circular massage, it firms and nourishes your skin. It's a dry oil that easily penetrate the skin.

For healthy hair, use a small amount on your length to protect them from splits end.

Product description

  • Ingredients: 100% pure Jojoba oil
  • Containing: 100 mL
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Color: Light straw yellow color
  • Smell: Very slight smell of nuts, sweet smell
  • Texture: Liquid


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