Pure Camelina Oil 100 mL - Camelina in the wonderland - Mira

€8,90 EUR

It comes straight from Picardy in France (yes yes!), "Camelina in the wonderland" is Mira pure camelina oil from an organic farm. It is a rich anti-aging oil balanced in omega 3, 6 and 9: it regulates the sebum production, fights against the appearance of wrinkles due to dehydration, brings radiance and suppleness to the skin.
Very dry oil, Camelina pure oil leaves no fat film on the skin!

Use Camelina pure oil in the morning as your day cream, its dry texture makes it an excellent makeup base. It is a perfect massage oil for the body.

Product description

  • Ingredients: 100% pure camelina oil
  • Containing: 100 mL
  • Origin: France
  • Texture: Liquid


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