Lépi Sneakers - Umòja

€119,90 EUR

The indigo dyeing technique consisting of fermenting the indigo leaf is widely used in West Africa, especially among the Dogon people in Mali.

Our Lepi sneakers are made from a raw indigo fabric covered with patterns symbolizing sickles. Ugandan Lubbugo, a tree bark registered with UNESCO heritage, was also used in the making of this model.

To give Lubbugo this black color, the bark is buried for several days in order to benefit from the oxidation of soil. Lubbugo is also a good alternative to animal leather.

Product description

  • Robust organic cotton fabric
  • Color: natural dyeing raw indigo blue
  • Tongue and heel in black tree bark
  • Jersey cotton lining
  • Metal eyelets
  • Cork and rubber outsole

Cleaning instructions

  • The indigo blue of this model is crude, without fading. The fabric is likely to rub off and it's quite normal.
  • We recommend to clean the fabric later and as little as possible.

This model is normal size. If you are between two sizes, choose the smallest.

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