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Protection of personal data relating to Motherland

Motherland is concerned about the protection of personal data. It undertakes to ensure the highest level of protection of your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and in particular the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (also known as GDPR) and the so-called law " Informatique et Libertés "of January 6, 1978 modified. 
For any information on the protection of personal data, you can also consult the website of the Commission Informatique et Liberté: or write to our data protection officer either by email at by mail by writing to BINARY HARMONY, UNIP LDA, 45 - R/C C Costa Do Castelo 1100-176 Lisbon, Portugal. 

Personal data is collected by: 
BINARY HARMONY UNIP LDA, 515 464 279 Lisbon, represented by its CEO Carine PIGOROT, residing at RC/C C Costa Do Castelo 1100-176 Lisbon, Portugal. 
Registered office: RC/C C Costa Do Castelo 1100-176 Lisbon, Portugal. 
Hereinafter referred to as "Motherland".

Purpose of the exploitation of the data concerning you

The information and data about you allow us to improve and personalize the services we offer and the information we send you:

- Motherland information and newsletters: 
In order to keep you informed about our news and that of the makers listed on Motherland, as well as the sales you can benefit from, you can receive information and newsletters by electronic communication (email, sms ...). We measure the opening rate of our emails in order to adapt it to your needs. If you do not wish to receive offers and information from Motherland, you can oppose mailings at any time by clicking on "Unsubscribe" in the emails we send you.

- Information about Motherland Marketplace: 
You will be able to receive offers and benefits of Motherland and sellers of our marketplace - private sales or privileged offers - by electronic communication (email, sms ...). You can unsubscribe in the same way as mentioned above.

- The improvement of our services: 
In order to provide you with quality products and services, always more useful and consistent with your expectations, communicate with you and track and analyze trends and uses, we can also collect and analyze your data.

The data collected on our website

What data? 
We collect and process your name, address, email address. 
The mandatory or optional nature of the data is reported to you during collection by an asterisk. Some data is collected automatically because of your actions on the website. 
We also measure the audience, for example we measure the number of page views, the number of visits to the website, as well as the activity of visitors to the website and their frequency of return. 
Confidentiality of financial information: we do not store payment information.

We collect the information that you provide us, especially when: 
- you create your account "My account", 
- you browse our websites 
- you participate in a game or contest, 
- contact our Customer Service, 
- you write a comment, 
- you share information on your social networks.

Recipients of the data 
The data collected on the Motherland website is exclusively intended for Motherland LDA.

Your rights under the legislation 
In accordance with the General Regulation on the protection of personal data (also called GDPR) and the law known as "Informatique et Libertés" of 6 January 1978 amended, you have a right of access and rectification and opposition to data personal information about you. Just write to us online at or by mail at BINARY HARMONY, UNIP LDA 45 - R/C C Costa Do Castelo 1100-176 Lisbon, Portugal, indicating your name, first name and email address. In accordance with the regulations in force, your application must be dated, signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity card bearing your signature and specify the address to which you must receive the answer. An answer will be sent to you within 2 months of receiving the request.

Social networks

Using your data in connection with Social Networks 
The use of social networks and Motherland services in connection with these social networks is likely to lead to the collection and exchange of certain data between social networks and Motherland. We invite you to consult the personal data protection policies of social networks in order to take precise knowledge of the information that is collected by the social networks and which can be transmitted to Motherland in connection with its services as well as the purposes of use of your data, especially for advertising purposes. You will be able to set directly on the social networks the access and the confidentiality of your data. Motherland collects on its behalf certain information and personal data related to your activity on Motherland social media pages or Motherland websites that use the services of social networks. These data are used for advertising purposes to improve our commercial relationship and the advertising addressed to you in order to offer you a personalized and social experience. The information collected by Motherland for its own account through the Motherland websites in connection with social networks are governed by these conditions. However, Motherland is not responsible for the use of your data by social networks for their own account.

"Plug-ins" and social modules 
Our website uses "plug-ins" or social modules. These include small buttons "like", "share" third-party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + .... that you can find on Motherland. They allow you to like and share Motherland information with your friends on social networks. When you consult a page of our website containing plug-ins or social modules, a connection is established with the servers of social networks (Facebook, Twitter ...) who are then informed that you have accessed the corresponding page of the website Motherland accessed even if you do not have a Facebook or Twitter user account, and even if you are not connected to your Facebook or Twitter account. 
For example : 
- If you are connected to a social network while browsing the website, the social networks to which you are connected may mention your visit to your account on social networks. 
- If you use the plug-ins (ex: like), your actions can be recorded and published on your accounts in social networks according to the setting of your social network account. If you do not want social networks to post your actions from plug-ins to your social media accounts, you must sign out of your social networks before visiting our site.

Facebook connect 
The Facebook Connect feature allows you to connect to our websites with your Facebook account and discover what your friends have posted on the web. When you sign in to Motherland with your Facebook account, Motherland can access certain information you have entered on Facebook to provide you with a personalized and social experience. An authorization to access your profile data and share your activities with Facebook will be required. Additional information to those already present in your Facebook account may be requested by Motherland for the purposes of managing your orders and our business relationship. This additional information is not transmitted to Facebook without your express permission. 
If you sign in to using your Facebook credentials and your friends log into their account at, they'll know you have a Motherland account, unless you've chosen not to be visible. your friends on other websites. Users who connect to our site via Facebook Connect can only see the information you have added via Facebook if they have access to this information on Facebook. You can decide what kind of information your friends can access by setting up your account in the Applications section of the Facebook website.

Customization of advertisements 
The information you receive from Motherland can be customized based on the data that Motherland collects in connection with social networks. Because of your use of Motherland services or your membership in a Motherland social media page, Motherland may receive information about you including your public profile and your interests on social media or other data. that you have authorized Motherland to receive as part of the applications. Motherland ads related to your profile and the information you post or share (your interests) may be displayed on your social networking pages. If you do not want social networks or third parties including Motherland to collect or use information based on your profile or activity on websites, devices or applications outside of social networks for the purpose of advertising, you must refer to the terms and conditions of social networks to find out how to set up, unsubscribe or control advertising. You can also decline using the settings of the apps or your mobile device.

Cookies and advertising targeting 
Motherland has been designed to offer you local services tailored to your needs. This is among other things why we use cookies or similar tracing technologies to identify you and personalize our services and advertising, in particular to access your account, store your consultations and customize the offers we offer you and the information we address you. Cookies allow you to benefit from our personalized advice and to be informed of our promotional offers. 
We inform you that we can use advanced targeting functionalities for the diffusion of our advertisements including functions of "retargeting" (by display of advertising during your navigation outside our website or contact email following the consultation of products on our website). These functionalities made possible by the use of cookies are proposed by partners, to present you advertisements better adapted to your needs and in connection with your recent behavior on our website. You can terminate targeting at any time by rejecting advertising cookies in your browser or through the preference managers of the ads offered by the partners or in the unsubscribe links present in the emails. We inform you that unsubscription to email targeting from our partners does not automatically lead to unsubscription to newsletters sent by Motherland.