The choice of the name

Africa is considered the cradle of humanity. The discovery of the remains of Tournai in Chad in 2001 proves that he is the first known ancestor of man and brings humanity back to 7 million years ago. Lucy, more famous than Tournai, was discovered in Ethiopia in 1974. Lucy's hundred bone fossil fragments were found near the village of Hadar in the Awash Valley in the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia by the paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson

When the time came to choose the name of the marketplace of products inspired by African culture, Motherland appeared as an obviousness to subtly refer to Africa. 

The essence of Motherland

Today, we live in a world where we have everything ... Our needs are satisfied of course, but the direct consequence is the raising of the level of our expectations and our requirements. Here at Motherland, we aim to meet these requirements. To achieve this, we strive to make the Motherland experience smooth and enjoyable whether you are a user or a Maker.

The essence of Motherland is to assist those of you who start their sensory and virtual journey to Africa. And for the others, Motherland assists you in your approach of reconnection with Africa, or as the slogan says: (Re)connecting with Africa.

The user at the center of our attention

After several years of experience in e-commerce, Motherland team has been able to understand the requirements and expectations of users in an era where everything is accessible at all times and where time is sacred. Today, for the same product, a multitude of choices is presented to the user. The question is no longer whether the user can afford a particular product, but it is rather to know what experience to bring to him.

Motherland places the user experience at the center of its strategy. That's why you will find a fluidity in the catalogs / shops, a clear communication and a sober and uncluttered design. Motherland aims to be humble and powerful. This will also be possible thanks to the wide range of articles made available to the user. Indeed, at Motherland the products are classified under five broad categories: Creation, which includes fashion and accessories. Care, which includes hair care and body care. Home, which includes art & design. Delicatessen, which includes food and drinks, and finally Cultural, which includes books, music, lifestyle and more.

Our Makers

Our Makers are carefully selected to maintain the quality of product selection. We build a relationship with each one of them. Together, we are one team.

We choose inspiring and impactful Makers who have something to share and tell beyond selling their products. They come from various horizons. Through their products, they share their passion, whether in the form of fashion, cosmetics, design, delicatessen or cultural.

All our makers have ethical and equitable values that are visible in the collaborations set up with men and women in African. Indeed, the vast majority of our makers have either their manufacturing workshops in Africa, or the raw material of their items is produced in Africa by artisans and / or local farmers.

Start your journey here.